Love Your Mean Green, Win Prizes

Love your Mean Green advertisementJust in time for football season, UNT launched a new Mean Green Pride campaign to celebrate the university's tradition of wearing green on Fridays. Here's how you can join in the fun and win free green goodies just for showing your pride:

Do. Celebrate this longstanding tradition by wearing green or any UNT-Mean Green branded gear on Fridays. Whether you're headed to a UNT event or to work, or you're just out and about, grab your green and share some of that awesome UNT flair.

Win. We want to help you show your green pride because it helps us shine as a university. So go ahead and get green and social each week for a chance to win a UNT spirit pack. Tag photos of yourself wearing green and showing off your UNT spirit on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Use the hashtag #meangreenfriday. One lucky winner will be selected each week.

Follow. Check out the Mean Green Pride website to see our weekly social media winners and learn about discounts for wearing green. Follow UNT social media on Facebook, on Twitter @UNTSocial and on Instagram @UNT to stay up to date on giveaways and Mean Green Pride events.