Students take part in the Live and Learn program.

Campus Outreach

Camping Out at UNT

UNT offers programs for students of all ages in areas such as science and technology.

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Alumni Spotlight

Kathleen Wayton

An open mind lifts marketing alum to new heights as chief information officer at Southwest Airlines.

Written by: Erin Cristales

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Mean Green

Flying High

Athletics teams soared this season, with all posting a winning record.

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Delicate Sensibilities

Roger Ramirez, a glassblower in the College of Science, expertly crafts equipment for UNT labs.

Written by: Amy Armstrong

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Mac Neuroth who also performed as the UNT mascot Scrappy participates in commencment


Great Grads

New UNT grads, including the now-unmasked Scrappy, are ready for their next challenge.

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Joshua Bova (Photo by Ranjani Groth)

Program Feature

Every Map Tells a Story

Through geographic information systems, UNT alumni use spatial context to solve real-world problems.

Written by: Jessica DeLeĆ³n

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Alumni at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Alumni Spotlight

Bringing History Home

Alumni seek to memorialize Denton County lynching victims through the Community Remembrance Project.

Written by: Erin Cristales

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