Pictured at left, from left to right: Frisco City Councilman Will Sowell, Frisco Mayor Pro Tem Shona Huffman, Frisco City Councilman Bill Woodard, Scrappy, Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney, UNT President Neal Smatresk, Frisco Deputy Mayor Pro Tem John Keating and


Spreading Its Wings

UNT develops partnership with Frisco to make way for a new branch campus in Collin County.

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Wende Zomnir with her team at the Urban Decay headquarters


Wende Zomnir

Co-founder and CEO of top-selling makeup brand Urban Decay isn't afraid to go bold.

Written by: Erin Cristales

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The Denton New Horizons Band. Photo by Ranjani Groth

Brilliantly Green

Great Things are Happening at UNT

Shattering glass ceilings, history-making win and reaching a milestone.

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The Diaz quintuplets, from left, Enna Diaz, George Diaz, John Diaz, Emilio Diaz and Maria Diaz


Diaz Quintuplets

After four years, the Diaz quintuplets are graduating from UNT.

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John Soliswith his father, Javier making the UNT eagle claw in front of the library mall fountain. Photo by Kasey Kamenicky/FWCreations

Giving Impact

Ring Ceremony

Time-honored symbol gains new tradition.

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Robert Maynard. Photo by Ranjani Groth

Program Feature

A Degree in Perseverance

For nontraditional students, the B.A.A.S. program provides the flexibility to earn a diploma.

Written by: Jessica DeLeĆ³n

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Naomi Niyah

the last word

Caring Campus

Recent graduate reflects on research victories and other UNT highlights.

Written by: Naomi Niyah ('18)

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Rossana Boyd

Faculty Focus

Advocating for ELLs

College of Education professor is a tireless champion for students and teachers.

Written by: Erin Cristales

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