Still Running

Posing after the race are, from left, Pat Curry ('77), Steve McGregor ('74), Paul Hoffmann ('75, '78 M.S.), Richard Pettigrew ('76), Coach John McKenzie and Ronnie Hess ('77).When several former members of the North Texas track and cross country team, spanning 1970 to 1977, gathered for a reunion in 2011, our former coach, John McKenzie, proposed that we run a half marathon together. On Jan. 13, 2013, we met for a "boys" weekend in Austin and competed in the 3M Half Marathon. Race day saw a cold front come through but a splendid time was had by all.

We reminisced about life on campus during the early '70s. Fouts Field had a cinder track, and the locker rooms were under the visitors' side of the stadium. Some of our favorite places to run were on the golf course, now the site of the new stadium. Running south on Bonnie Brae was a favorite because within a mile we were in the country running on white chalk roads, past peacocks and over old metal bridges. Sometimes we would head north along the access roads of Highway 35 because there was very little traffic and plenty of solitude.

Most of us lived in Kerr Hall and the building was relatively new and considered the nicest dorm on campus. One side was girls only and the other side housed the boys. The school was less than half the size it is now. We would bring our sleeping bags and pillows and watch movies in the old Student Union Building. One of the most memorable movies we saw there was Night of the Living Dead. Our time was filled with great moments and indelible memories.

The best part is that we forged lasting friendships and are still running after all these years.

Steve McGregor ('74)