Leland Morris

Leland Burke Morris, Oak Point :: He was a junior majoring in engineering. He played football in high school and enjoyed sailing. He knew the words to every song and was good at building and fixing things.

Colin Meyer

Colin Meyer, Harker Heights :: He was a biology major who served as a Red Cross volunteer and EMT cadet. He loved to perform magic tricks and studying magicians like Penn Jillette, who he met. He also loved outdoor sports such as fishing, mountain biking and playing disk golf. Most of his life was spent traveling with his parents throughout the U.S., Germany and Europe for various military assignments. Some of his favorite memories were climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, exploring the catacombs in Rome, venturing into Zeus cave in Crete, skiing in the Alps and sliding down into the salt mines of Austria. Memorials can be made to The Colin Meyer Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship, which will help fund student trips abroad.

Sean Copeland

Sean Copeland, Lakeway :: He worked as an executive for the software company Lexmark Corp., serving as vice president of North and South America for Lexmark’s Kapow Software Division. He coached a youth baseball team in his spare time and was a dedicated father to his three children. He attended UNT from 1983 to 1984. He and his 11-year-old son, Brodie, died in the terrorist attacks in Nice, France, in July.

Budford Tatum II

Buford W. ‘Butch’ Tatum II, Yeadon, Pa. :: He was among some of the earliest African American students to attend North Texas, from 1958 to 1962. He left to join the Air Force and later graduated from Temple University and from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, for which he traveled as a recruiter. He was a criminal defense attorney, practicing law in the Philadelphia area for 30 years. His family says he loved books and gardening, had an “iron-clad memory” and was well known for his Texas barbecue.

Tyler Talley

Tyler Jacob Talley, White Oak :: He was an accomplished saxophonist at both White Oak High School and Kilgore College, where he played in the jazz band. He was a student in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Brandon Robinson

Brandon Robinson, Denton :: He was a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. Through his life, he was active in sports and church, participating in several mission trips, and he co-founded the Young Conservatives Club in high school.