Love Stories

The UNT Division of Advancement held a contest for best UNT love story in honor of Valentine’s Day, and this year’s fan favorite was hard to beat. The winning Mean Green couple, who met at UNT far from home, just celebrated their marriage in March:

“I transferred to UNT in 2015. Having left my family, friends and the streets I grew up playing in almost 8,000 miles behind, there wasn’t much to feel excited about in this land far far away. Then I met her. I was excited to meet new people and she organized this lunch for our student organization. Went there, saw her, and destiny smiled afterwards. We ended up meeting on a few other occasions to talk about the student organization we were both wanting to re-establish. Gradually we became friends and shared our thoughts and feelings. And, I couldn’t be any more delighted to announce that we have decided to share our lives in sickness and in health. In about a month from now, we are getting married."

Read all the submissions and let us know at if you have a UNT love story of your own you’d like to share.

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