Snowy Campus Memories

1963 - UNT students having fun at a snowball fight on campus

Do you remember snow days on campus? Read about what some of our alumni posted on Facebook about their memories:

1964 — more of an ice day than snow. It was the only time the dean of women actually allowed the girls to wear pants on campus. It was a fun day slipping everywhere because classes were not canceled.
— Susan Smith McMahan

I have fond memories of January 1978 when I started my master's program. Lots of snow — and coming from Tennessee I had never experienced "thunder snow." Great memories, great time of my life.
— Steven Fullks ('83 M.S.)

January 1989. UNT closed due to snow and ice. Got my transfer request from Maple to Bruce approved that day. No car. Moved across campus courtesy of one borrowed Sack 'n Save grocery cart. One load at a time. My reward? First-ever Bruce Hall Ice Jam!
— Bonnie Bownes McCabe ('91)

The igloo by Bruce Hall, complete with some dude just chilling in there. Making a giant snowball and rolling it around campus until it was 5 feet tall and too heavy to move (that thing took months to melt). Taking the tops off of our plastic storage containers and sledding down the berm on the side of the Music Building. A few brave souls sledded down the brick retaining wall ... and into the street.
— Hannah Ulbrich ('10, '13 M.S.)

February 2015, sitting in 10 a.m. freshman biology and classes got canceled. We went to Dollar General, bought a trash can and cut it in half. Then we went over to the PEB and Apogee to sled down the hills. Best snow day ever.
— Amanda Choate

1963 was my last year at NTSU, but I don't remember snow. Of course, I can't remember where I put the keys on most days ...
— Gary Mosse ('64)

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