Movie Musician

Daniel Rojas in a studio, looking over a music score on paper
Daniel Rojas ('10) (Photo by Carla Toledo Dauden)

Daniel Rojas ('10) works primarily as a composer and producer, but at the beginning of his career, he got more gigs as a session guitarist. His work can be heard on such films as Downsizing and Money Monster, as well as TV shows such as Transporter: The Series.

He says it's important to know the language of film and many movies, scores and songs because composers and directors often use film and pop references instead of musical terms.

And he does listen to himself when he's watching one of the movies he's working on.

"I try to enjoy the movie as a whole but of course there's always a part of me that focuses on the scenes I have music on," says Rojas, who majored in jazz studies. "It's always great when the movie goes to theaters because there's nothing like watching it on the big screen."

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