A Rolling Car

I recently received a copy of The North Texan and enjoyed reading the different articles. I had a funny experience I wanted to share that happened to me in 1956 while attending North Texas.

My friend and I were going east on Hickory — I believe that was the street's name — and we saw a car without anyone in it rolling down a driveway. The vehicle belonged to one of the football players who was in the athletic fraternity, the Geezles.

Since my friend's vehicle was old and beat up, we blocked the driveway so the other car would not come out onto the street. We stopped it, got out and pushed it back up the drive.

The problem was we did not want the football players to think we were "messing around" with their car. They didn't see us and never knew we saved their vehicle and prevented a possible collision!

Wallace "Bud" Coats ('58)
Tempe, Arizona

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