1915 Treasure

North Texas Normal College Class of 1915
North Texas Normal College Class of 1915

My father, J.E. Foust III, who attended North Texas in 1949, passed away in October, and I found several items of historical interest while cleaning out his home office. One was a panoramic photo, 45 inches long, of the North Texas Normal College Class of 1915. My grandfather, J.E. Foust II, is seated in the bottom row, all the way to the left side of the photo.

Funny story: My grand­father needed a little extra spending money while he was attending North Texas. He found employment at a local dance studio, teaching ballroom dancing to some lovely co-eds. He always told us he couldn't believe he was actually getting paid for that. He left school to serve in World War I.

Every one of us loved our time at North Texas. I attended from 1974 to 1980, first studying industrial arts and then moving to advertising. Today I own an automotive restoration service, buying, restoring, dismantling and rebuilding Cadillacs.

I read each copy of The North Texan from cover to cover the day I receive it. The articles regarding the school's history are always my favorite.

John Foust IV

The full-length photo can be viewed here. Other famous faces you might spot: English professor Annie Webb Blanton and Coach Beulah Harriss, seated third and fourth to the right of the drum. And we think President W.H. Bruce is seated all the way to the right (left of the photo credit), holding a hat and cane.


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