Union Days

2017 Spring

Alumnus reminisces about the Student Union Building.

Heart of Dallas Bowl Eagle fans
Always for UNT

2017 Spring

Alumna takes pride in watching the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

Tier One Momentum

2017 Spring

UNT progress continues with new initiatives and buildings.

Oak Street Hall

2016 Winter

Roommates revisit their old dorm.

Students running, 1980 Wings yearbook
Continuing Legacy

2016 Winter

In the late '70s, I met Bob Patton who convinced me to enter the exercise science program.

Men around piano
World Class

2016 Winter

Besides many lifelong friends and teachers at North Texas, I most remember my piano professor.

A New Year of Opportunity

2016 Winter

UNT remains focused on academics, research and athletics.

Detail of green and white UNT Battle Flag
A Joy to Represent

I graduated from the College of Education program at UNT in 2014.

Reflections on Course Registration

2016 Fall

Throwback: Students line up to register for classes in 1971.

#Playfor22, the story of Lauren Hill
Time to Say Thanks

So many professors, instructors and graduate assistants influenced my college education.