Oak Street Hall

My college roommate, Dorothy Morris Hunter ('69), came down from Michigan for a visit. Along with Linda McGee Tokoly, another girl from the old days (1964-69) in Oak Street Hall, we drove up to Denton to take a look at our old dorm and visit the square. As we had not been back since 1969, it was a special treat and we were so glad to see that Oak Street Hall has been repurposed to provide studios for graduate art students.

The first couple of years we lived on the "old side," which abutted the beautiful Colonial-style house that faced Oak Street. We had hardwood floors, ceiling fans, a porcelain sink in each room and a gorgeous staircase with curving banister that went up to the second floor. That made up for the communal bathroom.

We ended up on the "new side" (current building) after demolition of our little sanctuary. As there was no air conditioning, some nights we went out the window of my room to the roof of the cafeteria to sleep. We always sunbathed out on the roof.

The breezeway was the meet-and-greet spot (pictured from left, Dorothy, Cynthia and Linda). We were terrified of Imogene Bentley Dickey, dean of women, as rumor had it she drove by at night to see if couples were making out there.

It was a new era for females, though there was a curfew and no men in the dorm, and we had a hell of a good time.

Cynthia Hawkins-Bowland ('69)