World Class

Besides my many lifelong friends and other teachers at North Texas, I most remember my piano professor, Silvio Scionti (pictured on the right). I was privileged to study with him from 1952 to 1956. Being accepted by Dr. Scionti was a distinct privilege and honor. We who studied with him were indeed a family, and our camaraderie was something to behold. To this day, many of us are in touch with one another.

Dr. Scionti was a world-class pianist and teacher, serving some summers on the international juries of piano competitions in Europe. As well, he took several of his students to compete, and two of them, Monte Hill Davis ('52, '57 M.M.) and Jack Guerry ('52, '55 M.M.), were prizewinners in several of the competitions.

I should describe Dr. Scionti as giving his life blood to teach all of us, and his example was set for those of us who became teachers in later years. Also, during that same time, several of us studied with his wife, Isabel Scionti. She, too, formed many wonderful pianists and teachers. What a most happy, productive time, that.

Cecil Lotief ('56)