Continuing Legacy

Regarding the "Living Healthy" story in the summer issue: In the late '70s and after recovering from a broken back, six months in the hospital and six months in a full body cast, I met Bob Patton who convinced me to enter the master's-level exercise science program he was starting up at North Texas.

After finishing my M.S., I started my doctorate with Peter Raven, but I realized teaching and research was keeping me away from my family, so I decided it was time to go to work.

My first job out of UNT was at Tenneco where I took what I had been taught and the passion from Bob Patton and built a worksite program that won awards for excellence and became world renowned.

After 16 years, I left Tenneco and wrote several books and then went to work for M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. I have been there for 18 years and now serve as wellness officer.

UNT, Bob Patton and the kinesiology faculty gave me so much I could never thank them for, but seeing their legacy continue at UNT doesn't surprise me and warms my heart.

William B. Baun ('80 M.S.)