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Winter 2008 North Texan magazine cover

Winter 2008

New Stadium

UNT's Hospitality Laboratory

From G.E.D. to Ed.D.

Bright Solutions


Fall 2008 North Texan magazine cover

Fall 2008

‘Living Knows No Season’

Legends of Jazz

Teaching With a Passion

Mean Green Mania


Summer 2008 North Texan magazine cover

Summer 2008

UNT at 20

Discovering the Future

Legacy of Anshel Brusilow

Being Green


Spring 2008 North Texan magazine cover

Spring 2008

Gone to North Texas

Sleepless Nights

Suiting Up

International Reach


Winter 2007 North Texan magazine cover

Winter 2007

A University on the Move

Zappa University

Emerald Eagle Scholars

The Next Generation


Fall 2007 North Texan magazine cover

Fall 2007

Comic Success

Lost Treasures

Hot Rod Artist


Summer 2007 North Texan magazine cover

Summer 2007

Six Years in the Making

French Chef Extraordinaire

The Fight Doctor

Behind the Camera


Spring 2007 North Texan magazine cover

Spring 2007

An Exciting Brand of Football

Denton's Private College

The Portal to Texas History

His Life's Motivation



Winter 2006 North Texan magazine cover

Winter 2006

Everyone Loves a Parade

Melodic Military Eagles

A Career Beyond Measure

'Life is a Gift'

Fall 2006 North Texan magazine cover

Fall 2006

Beyond North Texas

A Winning Team

Educator in the Wilderness

The Influential Faculty Awards

Summer 2006 North Texan magazine cover

Summer 2006

Eagles on the Go: A musher, a racecar driver and an ultrarunner make tracks

Striving to be the Best: Success comes in many forms for national scholarship competitors

The Hong Kong/China Connection: Asia makes the perfect classroom for students in merchandising and marketing

Spring 2006 North Texan magazine cover

Spring 2006

Words of Wisdom: Take up the trumpet? Work longer? UNT experts offer up advice for aging Baby Boomers

The Gift: Ray Wylie Hubbard's story of success lost, found and redefined reads like Texas poetry

Study Hall: Between practicing and competing, UNT student-athletes find a new spot on campus to hit the books

Winter 2005 North Texan magazine cover

Winter 2005

An Entertaining Career: Alum sang and danced with Perry Como, Carol Burnett and Dean Martin, to name a few

Police Studies: American criminal justice ideas spread to Turkey, Thailand and beyond

On the Border: SLIS produces librarians for communities along the Rio Grande

Fall 2005 North Texan magazine cover

Fall 2005

Design's Kitchen: Art school Cooks find different specialties

Funny Business: Comedy writer lightens up morning drive time

The Pepper Lady: "Bland" isn't in Jean Andrews' vocabulary

Summer 2005 North Texan magazine cover

Summer 2005

Winning Talent: Pictures tell the story for photographer of the year

Queer Eye Denton Style: The Sigma Chis meet the Fab Five

Eagle Ambassadors: Students make UNT inviting

Crowning Achievement: Ms. Wheelchair America shares a message of empowerment

The Beat Goes On: North Texas drummers are on a roll

Eagle Relief: Students benefit from sculptor's work

Spring 2005 North Texan magazine cover

Spring 2005

The Life of Plants: Scientists move one step closer to understanding what causes plants to flower

Beat of a Different Drummer: Surgery patients everywhere are
thankful Frank Spencer left the farm

Unfiltered: From bad breath to diseased organs, middle schoolers relate to anti-smoking CD-ROM

Winter 2004

Iron Petticoats: Research shows Texas sufragists fought like ladies

From Rags to Riches: Alumnus selected to Horatio Alger Association for overcoming childhood poverty

Capital Success: UNT interns experience Washington, D.C.

Dallas Diamonds: Women's professional football team has UNT connections

Fall 2004

How our green got mean

Voices of the Mean Green: Dunham and Dickenson connect listeners to North Texas games

An American original: G. Harvey discovers the artist within

Academic vision: Provost proposes distinctive profile for UNT



Summer 2004

History of integration: North Texas looks back at 50 years of change and accomplishment

Opening doors: African American undergraduates arrive, with Joe Atkins' help

Transforming history: One simple action can change the world

Making college home: The southeast Denton community welcomes students, past and present

Greek life: Two groups lead the way for black Greek letter organizations.

A team united: Integrated freshman football squad tackles adversity — and wins

Pride and tradition: Families make North Texas a university for the generations

Remembering the early days: Alums comment on North Texas life in the infancy of integration

Spring 2004

Business Fun: Human billboards, boxing trunks spell success for young entrepreneur

A New Rose From Lima: UNT Eagle Ambassador and Peruvian opera star thrives in Denton

A Common Treasure: Musician Don Henley is a man with a mission

The Weather Dude: A song in the air for Weather Channel meteorologist Nick Walker



Winter 2003

Thanks, 'Fessor: Three 'Fessor Graham Award winners

Rhythm and Rhinestones: Alum Judi Caudle sparkles at dance competitions

Waking Up With Debbie: WFAA-TV's morning anchor Debbie Denmon

Capturing the American Dream: A scientist, a counselor and a lawyer-turned-teacher remember the help of TRIO


Fall 2003

For the Fun of the Games: Sport clubs offer friendships and competition

Cheering on the Green and White: Former cheerleaders remember summer camps

TV's Dr. Phil recalls his Denton days, redneck mothers and chili fries

A Taste for Adventure: A Grapevine teacher inspired by Jane Goodall


Summer 2003

Summer Camp-er: Everyone's a winner at youth sports camp.

Preserving a Culture: Timothy Montler helps American Indian languages

Come Away With Me Norah Jones remembers her Cadillac days at North Texas.

Ghostwerks Comic book fans produce their own "ghetto manga."


Spring 2003

Mysterious Math: Professors Dan Mauldin and Steve Jackson solve a 50-year-old problem

Math E Matics: Helping with math homework gives nerds a good name.

Romancing the Wind: Alumni experience ups and downs of hot air ballooning.

UNT Spirit Bell: Swartzes' 20-year effort to restore a UNT tradition


Winter 2002

An Ordinary Life: Student stricken with meningitis returns to enjoying life

Education Crisis: UNT combats the teacher shortage

Songs of the Shaman: Ancient pictographs inspire Bill Worrell

Sam Moon Madness: Wholesaler-turned-retailer attracts a crowd


Fall 2002

Change of Leadership: UNT System welcomes Chancellor Jackson

High Fashion, High Art: School of Visual Arts celebrates 10th anniversary

The Freshman Experience: Five students recount freshman year 2001

Life on the Sidelines: Coach G.A. Moore returns to Pilot Point

Summer 2002

Larry McMurtry's Dream Job: Pulitzer Prize-winning author brings books to Archer City

Fat in America: Who's to blame for our obesity?

Denton Rocks!: Bands of the '90s contribute to musical legacy of North Texas.

Connecting People and Pets: Cynthia Chandler's animal friends help humans



Spring 2002

Burning Issues: Student and teacher reunite to fight fires with technology and tradition

Straight Talk: Communication is the key for successful substance abuse prevention program attacks

Building a P.R.I.N.T. Layer by Layer: UNT's fine arts press allows printmaking students to learn from the best

The Drive to Succeed: Perseverance pays off for PGA golfer Joel Edwards after 11 years on the tour


Winter 2001

Voices From the Harbor: Firsthand accounts of Pearl Harbor survivors

After Sept. 11: UNT community finds ways to help in wake of terrorist attacks

It's How You Play the Game: Football and the Texas Legislature teach Walt Parker the value of persistence

Putting Together the Pieces: UNT program prepares graduates for field of logistics

Fall 2001

Camera-eye Views: Filmmaking is a full-time production for these North Texas alums

From Educator to Newspaperman: UNT's first black administrator saves a newspaper and serves a community

This is ... Spinal Research: A switch from rock to research leads to new treatments for spinal cord injuries

Cartoon Connection: Dragon Ball series makes it big in America with help from UNT alumni


Summer 2001

Waiting to Inhale: Millions can breathe freely thanks to ozone warning program

Great Debate: UNT teams have argued their way to the top for decades

What a Quack: Nurse Ducky's humor fits the bill for patients at home and abroad

The Schoolhouse Rocker: Bob Dorough strikes a chord with grown-up children everywhere


Spring 2001

Trading Places: Consider all options when caring for aging parents

Changing the Game: Coach Harley Redin and women's basketball

The Sound of Healing: Researchers examine effects of noise exposure

Overcoming the Jitters: Author Howard Swindle turns addiction into success

Radio Voices: Talented area DJs share North Texas background

Winter 2000

Accents Speak Louder Than Words: Regional accents

Setting New Courses: Hurley guides the system; Pohl leads UNT

Racking Up Respect: Female athletes talk about life on field

Livin' in Late Night: Tom Malone in the CBS Orchestra

Technology on Trial: Case against Napster

Betty Crocker's Recipe for Education: Edible experiments


Fall 2000

Living Online: DotComGuy and friends share UNT ties

Molding Minds With Art: UNT programs make learning a work of art

Reid Ferring and the Discovery at Dmanisi: Ancient Skulls

First on the Scene: Keith Wells, emergency management

Life in the Cybercemetery: Government records live on

Filling the Nest: Parents learn to cope


Summer 2000

Saving Nature's Shaders: Post oaks put down new roots

Me Inc.: Workers find permanence in the temporary

Caught Up in the Web: Going to class in your PJs has never been easier

Operatic Voices: UNT was Act 1 for these talented opera performers

Why I Teach: Professors' essays explain their career choice

The Rules According to English: Art hero Ron English


Spring 2000

Recycled Duds: Old clothes find new homes

An Author to Die For: David Lindsey

Green Warriors: UNT research helps to preserve the environment

Brain Waves: Biofeedback patients

Antiques Ace: Georgia Caraway

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