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Summer 2004 vol. 54 no. 2

The North Texan Summer 2004 issue






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a few Eagle touchdowns featuring Abner Haynes and Leon King, the first two African Americans in North Texas athletics.

WFAA TV's coverage of the 50th anniversary of North Texas' desegregation


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50 years of integration

In May 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down segregation in all public schools in the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kan. federal lawsuit. That same year, Alfred Tennyson Miller became the first African American to enroll at North Texas. Others followed, breaking down longstanding racial barriers. In a yearlong observance — 50 Years of Progress and Opportunity, 1954-2004 the university is looking back over the decades and honoring African Americans who broke barriers here in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds. You'll find a few of their stories in this special issue of The North Texan. Visit the 50 Years web site for event information, comments, photos and oral histories about North Texas' desegregation.

feature stories

History of integration
North Texas looks back at 50 years of change and accomplishment.
By Nita Thurman

Opening doors
African American undergraduates arrive, with Joe Atkins' help.
By Nancy Kolsti

Transforming history
One simple action can change the world.
By President Norval Pohl

Making college home
The southeast Denton community welcomes students, past and present.
By Rufus Coleman

Greek life
Two groups lead the way for black Greek letter organizations.
By Rufus Coleman

A team united
The integrated freshman football squad tackles adversity — and wins.
By Rufus Coleman

Pride and tradition
Families make North Texas a university for the generations.
By Cathy Cashio

Remembering the early days
Alums comment on North Texas life in the infancy of integration.
By 10 former students

First class of African American students at U N T
Among the first class of African American students at North Texas in 1956 were, from left, seated, Barbara Beverly Kincaide, Drucilla Lakely, Jackie Garrette, Joyce Meadows Henderson, Burlyce Sherrill Logan, Lurline Bradley Jackson; standing, Lawrence Mason, and, beginning third from left, Bettye Morgan, Clifton Davis and Floydell Barton Hall. Two students are unidentified. (Photo courtesy of Lurline Jackson)


Trace the timeline of desegregation from the 1950s to the present



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Award winners: Recipients of the university's annual alumni awards

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The motherland, Texas history, the music business, Methodist mission, Rick Peckham Trio

What's Been Happening
The semester in photos




Read letters about the book bindery, the "Guinea Gals" and Professor James Davidson. Or send in your own letter to the editor.


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eagle tale

The Monster:
What doesn't kill you makes you a stronger writer

time tracks

50 years of integration at North Texas

Down the Corridor:
Separate swimming sessions, new graduate school dean, Susan B. Anthony coins, proposed food court


UNT news

Richard Ardoin-Paul Voertman Concert Organ

Richard Ardoin-Paul Voertman Concert Organ

U.S. News rankings
Two UNT programs receive new rankings from U.S. News and World Report

Concert organ
$1.5 million donated for new instrument for Winspear Hall

First Welch Chair
Weston Borden to join chemistry faculty Nov. 1

Recent deaths
Irma Caton
Professor Emeritus of kinesiology, health promotion and recreation

Howard Swindle
Alumnus and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

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