The year was 1988. North Texas State University became the University of North Texas.


With a ceremony on the steps of the Administration Building and a celebration in the Library Mall, then-President and Chancellor Alfred F. Hurley led the UNT family into an era of growth. In the 20 years since that day in May 1988, the university campus has transformed.


With the addition of about 2 million square feet of space for teaching, research, living, working and student use, this student-centered public research university now includes 178 buildings and 14 residence halls on 866 acres.


Among those buildings is Discovery Park, a nearly 290-acre research facility that houses the College of Engineering. It also is home to collaborative incubator space designed to encourage industry and academe to work together in finding solutions for some of society's most pressing concerns.


The rigorous academic programs offered to UNT's more than 34,000 students today provide a top-quality education designed to prepare tomorrow's leaders for the challenges of a changing, global world.


With expanding strengths in science and technology, UNT is growing its reputation, which still firmly rests on a nationally recognized foundation of excellence in music and art as well as a tradition of developing teachers and reaching out to our communities through applied research.


Defined by a deep commitment to student success as the central focus of its work, UNT is a residential campus more than 6,000 students call home. Most other students also live nearby and enjoy a rich traditional university experience.

More than 5,000 UNT students graduate each year. In fact, about 96,000 — or nearly half — of the university's more than 195,000 living alumni hold degrees that read "University of North Texas." These numbers will continue to grow as UNT expects to enroll 38,000 students by 2012.


And these alumni are using the power of those degrees to make a difference around
the world.

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President/Chancellor Alfred F. Hurley

NTSU becomes UNT with a ceremony on the Administration Building steps led by President and Chancellor Alfred F. Hurley. The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science opens as the nation's first accelerated residential program for gifted teens who take university courses to complete their first two years of college while earning their high school diplomas.

North Texas Exes

The UNT Alumni Association is revived (now known as the North Texas Exes).

In High Places eagle statue

"In High Places," the eagle statue between the University Union and the Hurley Administration Building, is installed to mark the university's centennial.

Art Building

The School of Visual Arts is created. It becomes the College of Visual Arts and Design in 2007, reflecting the growth of the college and its internationally recognized programs.

UNT student in the honors program

The honors program evolves out of the Classic Learning Core and Great Books program. In 2005, the program transforms into a full Honors College, where today nearly 1,000 students are immersed in linked core courses.

UNT football game

UNT football returns to NCAA Division I-A status.

Eagle Student Services Center

The Eagle Student Services Center and Santa Fe Square residence hall open.

Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building

The Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building and the Murchison Performing Arts Center open. The Eagle Ambassador program is created.

Mozart Square interior

The UNT System is established. Mozart Square residence hall opens.

The Shrader Pavilion

Shrader Pavilion is built. The UNT System Center opens in Dallas. The offices of president and chancellor are separated — Alfred F. Hurley remains the chancellor and Norval Pohl becomes UNT's 13th president.

Discovery Park

UNT buys the former Texas Instruments facility that is now Discovery Park. Goolsby Chapel opens. The Mean Green football team earns its way to the New Orleans Bowl, the first bowl game for a UNT team since 1959. The team played in the New Orleans Bowl four consecutive seasons.

The Gateway Center

Lee Jackson becomes UNT's chancellor. The Gateway Center opens.

UNT student rock climbing in the Pohl Recreation Center

The College of Engineering is created and begins operation in Discovery Park, UNT's nearly 290-acre research park at the former Texas Instruments facility. The Pohl Recreation Center opens.

Victory Hall

The Chemistry Building, Sorority Row and Victory Hall open.

UNT students organizing donations for Katrina victims

UNT mobilizes to help evacuees from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Traditions Hall, the Athletic Center and the Waranch Tennis Center open, as well as other athletic facilities on the former Liberty Christian School property.

UNT President Gretchen M. Bataille at her inauguration

Gretchen M. Bataille becomes UNT's 14th president. Astronomy labs move to the new Rafes Urban Astronomy Center.

UNT basketball game

The Mean Green men's basketball team plays in the NCAA Championship Tournament. It's UNT's second trip to the Big Dance. Chestnut Hall, Honors Hall and Legends Hall open. The Library Mall renovation featuring Jody's Fountain and the Onstead Plaza and Promenade is completed. The first building on the future UNT at Dallas campus opens.

UNT graduate

In May, nearly 3,000 new UNT graduates join the 93,000 alumni who have earned UNT degrees. Nearly half of the university's 195,000 living alumni have "University of North Texas" diplomas.

Building the future

Here are some of the additions to our beautiful campus since 1988:

UNT's Eagle Student Services Center
Eagle Student Services Center
Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building
Environmental Education,
Science and Technology Building
UNT's Murchison Performing Arts Center
Murchison Performing Arts Center
Mozart Square
Mozart Square
UNT's Gateway Center
Gateway Center
UNT's Pohl Recreation Center
Pohl Recreation Center
Chemistry Building
Chemistry Building
UNT's Victory Hall
Victory Hall
UNT's Chestnut Hall
Chestnut Hall
Honors Hall
Honors Hall
UNT's Legends Hall
Legends Hall
Waranch Tennis Complex
Waranch Tennis Complex