Turning 125

2015 Fall

Since 1890, UNT has been an engine of opportunity, creativity and growth.

Workforce of Tomorrow

2015 Spring

Offering best educational experience in Texas.

Planting the Seeds of Change

2014 Fall

New action plan will guide UNT's yearly accomplishments.

Summer School

After graduating from a Dallas High School in May 1961, I entered UNT in June.

A Good Workout

2014 Fall

I enrolled at North Texas in spring 1980 following a two-year stay at a junior college.

A Great Loss

Dr. Gerard O'Donovan's death resurrects memories of an exceptional leader.

Campus Headlines

The photo with "Tell us about your campus headlines" should have ID'd the two men pictured.

A Favorite Place

During the early '50s, Pender's Music Store was a favorite place for music majors to meet.

Jim's Diner

2014 Fall

In the 1980s, the coolest place in Denton to get breakfast was Jim's Diner.