Union Wonders

Overhead photo of students on the first floor of the union, 1973.I've been reading with great interest about the new University Union building and can't wait to visit it in person. In the meantime, I'm busy remembering the "new" Union Building in 1973, when, as an incoming freshman, I could hardly believe all the wonders of the place.

My friends and I spent many hours listening to the Lab Bands there, grabbing a bite to eat or, once, watching the Secret Service agents protecting Steve Ford as he made a talk there. I especially loved the little brook that ran through the building, and loved to sit nearby and listen to it.

When I was tapped for Mortar Board in my 8 a.m. education class, Dr. Robert Bane decided that no one was going to be able to concentrate after that exciting event, so he dismissed class and gave me a half-dollar coin to go have breakfast in the Union Building.

My whole class joined me for a very memorable meal! (And, as I type this, I can't believe 50 cents was enough to buy breakfast, but it was!)

As I reminisce, I know that many more memories are being made in the University Union. I remain proud of my UNT, and am looking forward to what the future brings.

Terrie Heatherly Grimes
('77, '79 M.Ed.)

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