Advice for First-Year Students

A student moves into her residence hall at UNT.Do you have any advice for first-year students at UNT? What do you wish someone had told you before you got to college?

Step out of your shell and go to every on-campus event possible. Use every resource available on campus. The librarians ROCK!
-- Carla Trujillo ('05)

Get up and go to class no matter how you feel or how prepared you are. As long as you continue to show up for class, you will be OK.
-- Steve Rudkin ('86)

Get involved on campus as soon as possible. Don't underestimate what feeling like you belong can do for your outlook later on when the newness wears off.
-- Lynda Schultz Poole

Dorm food is actually really good! It's gonna be the last time you don't have to cook for yourself, so enjoy it. Key to surviving in your own place? Ramen. Lots of Ramen.
-- Thomas J. Rud ('89)

In a big classroom try to sit in the front few rows. You will be more engaged, plus that's where the best students sit! You will definitely want to make friends with these people.
-- Sarah Bentz ('09)

Remember to enjoy this time! (And every time, no matter what your age is.)
-- Stephanie Martin Brown

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