<p>UNT President Neal Smatesk particaptes in a dance at the 2018 Grad Block Party</p>
Expanding Our Presence

2018 Summer

Frisco branch campus, digital research centre help meet needs of future, current students

<p>1963 - UNT students having fun at a snowball fight on campus</p>
Snowy Campus Memories

2018 Spring

Read about what some alumni shared on Facebook about their memories of snow days on campus.

<p>Illustration from 1956 yearbook of two women in a car next to a football player</p>
A Rolling Car

2018 Spring

Alumnus recalls a 1956 incident from his North Texas days.

<p>Shirley and Don Baker, Don is wearing  a football helmet and uniform</p>
Football Couple

2018 Spring

Go to class, elope, take final -- alumna looks back fondly on her college years.

<p>North Texas Normal College Class of 1915</p>
1915 Treasure

2018 Spring

Son finds old panoramic photo while cleaning out his father's home office.

<p>President Neal Smatresk and his wife, Debbie, visit with National Merit Scholars. (Photo by Michael Clements)</p>
Soaring Higher

2018 Spring

UNT continues strides to better serve students with more options.

President Neal Smatresk welcomes new students to campus
Next-generation Research University

2017 Winter

UNT is poised to become a global leader in education innovation.

<p>Robert Toulouse</p>
Refreshing Approach

2017 Winter

Over the years, many of my UNT colleagues have shared their stories of Bob Toulouse.

<p>Paul Voertman in store office</p>
Indelible Marks

2017 Winter

Two articles in your fall issue caught my eye and brought back memories.

<p>Students playing harp</p>
Remarkable Fortune

2017 Winter

Some of my favorite memories of North Texas are of attending the Demonstration School.