RTVF pre-1968

UNT Radio Players

A tribute in the summer issue implies that Bill Mercer started the broadcast program in 1968. I like Bill and believe he moved the program to a new level when he took it over, but he did not start it. Ted Colson was in charge of the program for many years prior to 1968.

Bill got the new facilities, real studios, and he came with much more experience in the field, but there were many of us who worked away in a small corner of the Historical Building getting our degrees in radio, TV and film before 1968 and went on to work in various areas of the business.

Jim Turney ('69, '75 M.A.)

Editor's note: Our university archivists found a radio course offered as early as 1939-40. It included microphone technique, diction, announcing, script writing and analysis of programs, "with particular attention to educational and commercial programs." The Radio Players from 1942 are pictured.

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