Giving Impact

Jordan Case

The winter issue of The North Texan noted several individuals giving back to UNT ("Impact of Giving"). One of those was Jordan Case ('81). While in graduate school, I took an RTVF production class that included Jordan. He was one of the most humble and unassuming athletes I ever met.

He was drafted by the CFL Ottawa Rough Riders that semester and signed for a very modest bonus, even by the standards of 1980.

He told me one day in class that the bonus, though, was more money than he had ever had in his life. In his own way he has given back to UNT many times more.

UNT certainly was a highlight for my wife and myself as graduate students.

I have wonderful memories of working one fall semester with Bill Mercer and the sports information office.

I was involved in videotaping the football games and traveling with the team to all of the away games, later helping edit the footage for the Mean Green football program.

I'm now a professor of radio and television at Del Mar College, serving as secretary/treasurer of the Texas Association of Broadcast Educators.

Mac Aipperspach ('83 M.S.)
Corpus Christi

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