Delegations, Alumni Events in China

2019 Spring

A UNT delegation visited Chinese universities to explore opportunities for recruitment, collaborations and partnerships.

UNT, PGA Team Up

2019 Spring

UNT and the PGA in December signed a memorandum of understanding on education, research and branding initiatives.

American Mathematical Society Fellow

2019 Spring

UNT Regents Professor Stephen Jackson receives top designation.

Ron Diiulio (left), Ohad Shemmer (center) and Preston Star with the Gemini-North telescope.
Observing Quasars

2019 Spring

UNT physics professor receives $800,000 NSF grant to study quasars.

Smart Energy

2019 Spring

UNT professor of computer science and engineering works to design the "city of the future."

Seed Oil Research

2019 Spring

UNT associate professor of biology leads research project to study a unique type of seed oil.

Preserving Mankiyali

2019 Spring

UNT associate professor of linguistics receives $284,000 to document and preserve severely endangered language.

Cybersecurity Grants

2019 Spring

UNT assistant professor of computer science and engineering has received more than $1 million from the NSF.

Great Things are Happening

2019 Spring

TAMS students named three of the top 300 scholars in the nation by Regeneron.

Teen Ph.D.

Noel Jett earns her Ph.D. at age 19, after studying a subject she knows well -- gifted children.