UNT Esports Levels Up in Competitions

UNT Esports

UNT Esports Coordinator Dylan Wray recently was recognized as one of the top 12 collegiate esports coaches and directors in the nation by eFuse, a company that serves as a hub for high school, collegiate and professional esports. Wray was one of two coaches and directors recognized in the state of Texas.

"Honestly, so much of a program's success does not fall on just one person," Wray says. "It's all of the people who are involved in our program."

That includes teams like UNT Rocket League, which recently took home first place finishes in the West conference and the West playoffs and third place in the nation in Collegiate Rocket League Spring. Additionally, Overwatch is currently ranked 14th in the nation out of nearly 325 teams, and the League of Legends team is rising in the rankings in one of the most competitive leagues.

"They put a lot of work into their craft," Wray says. "They're also willing to put themselves out there and work really hard to represent UNT in the best possible way."

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