Photo of Nurre family members posed in their home, wearning plaid shirts
Birds of a Feather

2022 Spring

Family time is paramount for the Nurres.

Members of the Nelson family at a Mean Green tailgate
Greener Beginnings

2020 Summer

From education to business to music, members of the Nelson family have long pursued degrees at UNT.

Footsteps Followed

2019 Fall

Drew Springer Jr.'s love for UNT has extended to his son, his grandchildren -- and beyond.

The Davidson family (Photo by Scott Davidson)
An Enduring Musical Tradition

2019 Summer

For the Davidsons, music and UNT has always been part of their lives.

The Stewart family portrait at UNT
A History of Higher Learning

2019 Spring

The Stewarts have made graduate degrees a family tradition at UNT.

Carlson family
'Love' is the Score in Tennis Club

2018 Fall

Four generations find love at UNT.

Ernesto G., Jorge Ernesto and Ernesto B. Usabiaga hold a NTSC pennant
A Family Tradition

2018 Summer

The Usabiaga family has made UNT their place to learn about business.

Group photo of the Waddell family
Life-Changing Choice

2017 Winter

Three generations of the Waddell family select UNT.

Grant/Scheer family standing
Place to Grow and Learn

2016 Winter

UNT has been a tradition for three generations of Liz Millender Grant's family.

Hoke family
The Family Rule

2015 Winter

In 101 years, 29 family members of the Hoke family have gone to UNT.