2023 Fall

North Texan Fall 2023
From Classroom to Career

Cover story

From Classroom to Career

As students face an evolving job market, UNT is giving them the tools to land their dream job.

Written by: Christiana Flores

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Dee Wilson talking with a student

Cover story

Career Readiness

Students gain an edge with a cutting-edge course.

Written by: Christiana Flores

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Bill Schmidt

Alumni Spotlight

Chasing Dreams

Bill Schmidt medaled at the 1972 Olympics. But his life in sports didn't stop there.

Written by: Erin Cogswell

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Bill Schmidt at UNT

Alumni Spotlight

Defining Moments

Bill Schmidt's time at North Texas led to the Olympics.

Written by: Erin Cogswell

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The Revive 365 team celebrates their victory on presentation night.

Criminal Justice

Inside Out

UNT students worked with the incarcerated population in a unique class.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Dornith Doherty phylloxera


Research on the Nanoscale

Peruse research through the lens of UNT's high-powered instruments like faculty do.

Written by: Heather Noel

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Mean Green

Glory to the Green

Athletics wins titles, gains unique partnership with DATCU.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Ellie Breaux

Alumni Spotlight

A Crowning Achievement

UNT graduate Ellie Breaux wins Miss Texas 2023 title.

Written by: Lisa Sciortino

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Mastering Meals illustration of experts

Expert Take

Mastering Meals

UNT's culinary experts reveal the secrets to a great dish.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Mean Green fire truck

Giving Impact

A Champion for Champions

A new fire truck, painted in Mean Green, shows an alumna’s devotion to her school.

Written by: Sean Riedel

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UNT 2023 Alumni Awards

Alumni Spotlight

UNT Alumni Awards

Outstanding graduates to be honored by UNT Alumni Association.

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Paper airplane graphic


Research on the Rise

UNT garnered its highest-ever total of sponsored project awards.

Written by: Heather Noel

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Ramona Washington

Staff News

New Leaders

UNT makes new appointments to top positions.

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Anupama Kaul with student researchers


Advancing Semiconductors

UNT collaborating with researchers in U.S. Department of Energy consortium.

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Graphic human silouette depicting a mind


Educational Support

College of Education receives $5 million in grants to address training gaps.

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Photo of people working at house construction site


Improving Blight

A new study shows blight is improving in Dallas.

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Photo of Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden


Music History

Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden earned two awards from the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Song Fu, Xinrong Li and Qing Yang


Mobility Tech

UNT part of a national effort to foster the development of emerging vehicle technologies.

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Krystal Toney

Star Student

Access to Nature

Environmental science student is opening up conversations about experiencing nature.

Written by: Heather Noel

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Charles Wood

Alumni Spotlight

Experiencing the World

Scholarship winner Charles Wood looks forward to improving his community.

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E. Dan Klepper

Alumni Spotlight

Shooting for the Moon

E. Dan Klepper uses technology to give a different view of nature.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Emily Sanchez, Brandon Rivera and David Velez

Alumni Spotlight

Connecting People Through Art

A trio of Tejano alumni are crafting films as the collective Watchale.

Written by: Michael King

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Michael Flanagan

Alumni Spotlight

Breaking the Code

Media arts graduate student Michael Flanagan captures legendary artist Vernon Fisher in new film.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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George Getschow and Larry McMurtry

Faculty Books

Words on an 'Empty Page'

A former UNT professor has edited a new book examining the influence of Larry McMurtry.

Written by: Lisa Sciortino

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Superbowl fireworks

Alumni Spotlight

Lighting Up Lives

Joe Bessner is living his dream and creating lifelong memories for others.

Written by: Nabeela Iqbal

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Frank Greene

Alumni Spotlight

Greene Lights

Trumpeter Frank Greene's career has led him to big gigs in the music world.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Illustration of Willie Nelson flying an airplane shaped like a tennis shoe

Alumni Spotlight

Artist to a 'T'

Steve Brooks' art has been seen on the T-shirts and posters for musicians, notably Willie Nelson.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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The Last Year Essays bookcover

Faculty Books

New Books From Faculty

UNT faculty offer a collection of plays, a memoir and an examination of gender roles.

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Quincy Davis, Ana M. Lopez and Priscilla Ybarra

Faculty Fellows

The Art of the Matters

As IAA fellows, UNT professors craft new music, art inspired by historic events.

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Samuel P. Golden

Legacy Family

A Golden Legacy

The Golden family creates a legacy of unwavering support for the Mean Green.

Written by: Erin Cogswell

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Phyllis George


When They Were Students

Can you recognize these famous alumni from when they were students at UNT?

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Wolf Pack

UNT alumni featured throughout Meow Wolf's large-scale, immersive art experience in Grapevine.

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Amy Shank Fiala

Alumni Spotlight

For the Love of Dogs

Amy Shank Fiala has turned her affection for animals into a successful business.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Jarred Howard

Alumni Spotlight

More than a Museum

Jarred Howard is leading the development of a site honoring Juneteenth.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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Amanda Cobb-Greetham

Alumni Spotlight

Writing a New Page in History

Amanda Cobb-Greetham has earned acclaim for building Native American studies.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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UNT President Neal Smatresk

From our President

Committed to Student Success

Career readiness and innovative degree programs set UNT apart.

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Cover of Spring 2023 North Texan


Quality Issue

Reader shares his enthusiasm for the North Texan.

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President Kennedy


Great Teacher

Alumni remember the impact journalism teacher Keith Shelton had on their careers.

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Norval and Helen Crews


Sound Decision

Music major recalls how he met his wife.

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Dexter Purnell

Online Extra

Mixing Music and Marketing

When Dexter Purnell isn't teaching, he's engineering hit songs.

Written by: Natasha Drake

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Brenda Barrio

Online Extra

Full Circle Honor

Educational Psychology professor recognized with 'Fessor Graham award.

Written by: Heather Noel

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Jason Levi and Noelle Fabian Dragon

Online Extra

A New Page for Music

Jason Levi and Noelle Fabian Dragon are introducing children to music in a fun and engaging way.

Written by: Nabeela Iqbal

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Satish and Yasmin Gupta Career Center

Giving Impact

A Center to Launch Dreams

A donation from Satish and Yasmin Gupta funds a new Career Center at UNT at Frisco.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón and Christiana Flores

#2023 Fall

Carl Parsons, Shelby Simmons Haney ('23), Neely Shirey ('09) and Kirk Plum ('18, '18 M.S.) pose in the historic Curry Hall corridor.

Power of Place

Remaking History

Alumni put the skills they learned at UNT to work to renovate Curry Hall.

Written by: Jessica DeLeón

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