Daniel Rojas
Movie Musician

2018 Spring

UNT alumnus Daniel Rojas' guitar work heard on major movies.

Kathy Scherler
Spreading Music

2018 Spring

UNT alumna Kathy Scherler creates music program for children in need.

Shay Youngblood
Creating Conversations

2018 Spring

UNT's Shay Youngblood sees works performed by top theater, Viola Davis.

Jonathan Camacho
Music Man

2018 Spring

UNT alumnus Jonathan Camacho's music heard in many places, including ESPN.

Kayla Olson and Farrah Penn
Writing Their Future

2018 Spring

UNT alumni Kayla Olson and Farrah Penn write young adult novels.

Science and Socio-Religious Revolution in India
Building Community

2018 Spring

UNT professor Pankaj Jain explores how science and religion work together in Indian villages.

Worried About the Wrong Things
Youth and the Internet

2018 Spring

UNT's Jacqueline Ryan Vickery finds youth use internet in positive ways.

Women in Civil War Texas: Diversity and Dissidence in the Trans-Mississippi
Women During Wartime

2018 Spring

UNT history lecturer Deborah Liles edits book on Texas women's activities during the Civil War.

Ed Stephan
Finding his Beat

2018 Spring

UNT alumnus Ed Stephan's hard work led to performing on a Grammy-winning album.

John Colaruotolo
Composing Solutions

2017 Winter

John Colaruotolo earned degrees in music, but plays to a different crowd as a workshop facilitator.