Cynthia Mohr and students standing outside Edinburgh Castle
Design Conference

2012 Winter

UNT students attended the Group for International Design Education conference in Scotland.

New Pedestrian Bridge

2012 Fall

This fall, a new 354-feet-long pedestrian bridge will open over Interstate 35E.

Great Things are Happening at UNT

2012 Fall

The Mean Green Machine gets a green engine transplant.

Enriching Summer

2012 Fall

UNT is building meaningful relationships through summer research and language programs.

Angilee Wilkerson

2012 Summer

How can you take your best vacation photos?

The Greater Good

2012 Summer

Students find creative ways to engage in communities and make a lasting impact.

A Green Light to Greatness

2012 Spring

UNT unveiled its four bold goals Feb. 13 with its new five-year strategic plan and theme line.

Oscar and Grammy News

2012 Spring

Two alumni had a role in Oscar- and Grammy-winning projects this year.

National Education Fellow

2012 Spring

Arminta Jacobson was named a fellow by the National Council on Family Relations.

Intel Finalist

2012 Spring

TAMS student Kurtis Carsch was named one of 40 finalists in the 2012 Intel Science Talent Search.