Oscar and Grammy News

Two alumni had a role in Oscar- and Grammy-winning projects this year. John Norris served as executive producer for the movie The Help, which was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Picture category and whose cast member, Octavia Spencer, won Best Supporting Actress. Norris, who studied jazz while at UNT, served as executive producer of several horror movies and was in charge of visual effects for movies such as Clash of the Titans and I Am Legend. He currently spearheads producing projects with Tate Taylor, The Help’s director.

Amy Otey (’89), who goes by the name Miss Amy, won a Grammy Award for her part in the All About Bullies … Big And Small CD, which took the top prize in the Best Children’s Album category. Her track was called “Keep Your Chin Up.” Her own CD, Fitness Rock & Roll, was nominated in the same category.

Otey (pictured with her band) earned her degree in business administration, which she says helps her career as an independent artist who must know how to package, market, brand, sell, book, read contracts and negotiate.

Her next goals are to pursue television work and complete a DVD.