Arath Herrera
First in Flight

2022 Fall

Two first-gen students share their experiences as they navigate dreams of earning a degree.

Green UNT cookie letters sit on a white plate.
Best of the Nest Cookie Fest

2021 Fall

Bask in the sweet success of a job well baked in our inaugural cookie contest.

Green Brigade Marching Band
Glory to the Green Brigade

2021 Fall

The marching band is sporting new uniforms to honor its rich history.

fungus on corn
Taming Fungus

2021 Fall

UNT researcher aims to knock out a crop fungus that could improve food availability.

Researchers Jyotsna Dhillon, Arup Neogi, Arkadaii Krokhin, Ezekiel Walker
Controlling Sound Waves

2021 Fall

UNT researchers are gaining the attention of the physics world with their discoveries.

Alexandra Ponette-González
Breath of Fresh Air

2021 Fall

UNT geographer selected to serve on top advisory committee informing air quality standards.

Expert Take - Buyer Beware illustration of faculty
Buyer Beware

2021 Fall

What's the long-term outlook for global supply chain shortages?

Technology illustration
High-capacity Computing

2021 Fall

UNT forges collaboration with UT's Texas Advanced Computing Center.

Kamesh Namuduri
Designing Drones

2021 Fall

UNT engineering researchers are rethinking the way Unmanned Aerial Vehicles operate.

Road striping
Making Roads Safer to Drive

2021 Fall

UNT researchers are trying to solve a common problem that affects safety -- road striping.