Global Connection: International face

UNT’s international community continues to grow. The number of UNT students from countries other than the United States increased by more than 3 percent for 2010, with the largest numbers of students coming from China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and Nigeria.

The increase ensures the campus is home to a diverse, multicultural mix of people that enriches students’ learning environment. With top majors of study for international students including business, computer science and engineering, UNT is teaching citizens of the world’s largest developing countries to be leaders in global business and technology. 

“As UNT’s international student presence grows, so do opportunities for stronger collaborations, a more internationalized curriculum, intercultural awareness and global learning for all UNT students,” says Eric A. Canny, director of international initiatives.

UNT’s more than 2,600 international students — about 7 percent of the student body — represent 136 countries. The campus also is home to visiting scholars and faculty from more than 50 countries and offers study abroad programs in more than 35 nations.

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