Orion Nebula
Turbulent Motion Moves Research Forward

2021 Spring

UNT researchers have discovered young stars are dancing to a secret cosmic tune.

Wonbong Choi
Major Grant

2021 Spring

Researchers work to advance 3D printed materials for automotive body frames with $1.5 million grant.

Haifeng Zhang stands in his lab.
In-Situ Sensors

2021 Spring

Haifeng Zhang is a co-PI in a new $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Yijie Jiang stands in a gray suit on campus.
Powe Award Winner

2021 Spring

Yijie Jiang earns praise for his research from Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

Illustration of vials in cardboard boxes
Distributing Vaccines

2021 Spring

Computer program developed by UNT researchers assists state and local health agencies.

Clement Chan
Monitoring Disease

2021 Spring

UNT research group works on a new, more affordable method for medical tests and diagnosis.

Kayode Oluwabunmi
A Safer Approach to Insulation

2021 Spring

Researchers in UNT's College of Engineering have developed a more sustainable building product.

Photo of Taryn Souders
Formula for Success

2021 Spring

Taryn Souders ('01) draws on her former career as a math teacher for her children's books.

Brittany Hanna and her husband and siblings stand on a mountain overlooking Hawaii.
Hard Lessons

2020 Fall

A history of tough circumstances have inspired Brittany Hanna’s future as a physician.

Matt Artz
Digging Up Answers for Businesses

UNT is one of the few colleges to offer a business anthropology program -- and two alumni are sharing their thoughts on the field at SXSW.