Solar Energy Research

2012 Spring

Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering professor Francis D’Souza receives grant.

Two UNT Professors Earn $1M for Infrared Technology Research

Two UNT researchers earned more than $1 million in grants to study infrared technology, with $300,000 coming from the Army Research Office and $710,000 from L-3 Communications.

Pushing the Boundaries

2012 Spring

UNT continues to make strides in innovative research, scholarship and creativity.

Plastics Research

Researchers led by Witold Brostow, director of UNT’s Laboratory for Advanced Polymers and Optimized Materials, have discovered a way to reinforce plastics at lower processing temperatures, resulting in energy savings and improved production efficiency.

Cancer Research

Jung Hwan Oh, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, is developing software to improve colonoscopies so that polyps can be better detected and lives saved.

Presidential Honors

2010 Spring

Associate professor receives the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers.