Hae Jin Gam
Future of Fashion

2023 Spring

UNT faculty, students and alumni are thinking of ways to reshape the fashion industry.

Quincy Ollison
Where Are They Now?

2023 Spring

They were student leaders during their time at UNT. They continue to make an impact on their world.

To the Skies & Beyond illustration of satellites and space telescopes
To the Skies and Beyond

2022 Fall

Faculty and alumni help NASA with innovative discoveries.

Texas Fashion Collection
Inspired Delight

2022 Spring

The Texas Fashion Collection's newest exhibition shows off exquisite details.

Head of the Class

2022 Spring

Alumni find many ways to use their degrees from UNT's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

David Pierce
We Haven't Been Normal in Years

2022 Spring

Denton has long been awash in quirky charm, thanks in large part to UNT alumni.

Elinor Lichtenberg
Protecting the Environment

2022 Spring

UNT researchers are creating solutions to combat climate change.

Opal Lee
Miles to Go

2022 Spring

Opal Lee's ('63 M.Ed.) tireless activism led to Juneteenth being designated a federal holiday.

Zhiling Zhang and Xiaohu Xia at the Fort Worth Stock Yards in 2001.
A Strong Bond

2022 Spring

As UNT doctoral students, couple unlocked the secret to success in science — and romance.

The Dogs of UNT

2022 Spring

Who's a good dog? Meet the furry friends who keep our students safe and happy.