When the Men Were Gone
Inspirational Woman

2019 Spring

Marjorie Herrera Lewis writes about a woman who coached football during World War II.

Vanessa Dionne applies make up to an actor's face
Transcendent Artist

2018 Fall

Vanessa Dionne's make-up work for "The Bold and the Beautiful" earns her an Emmy.

Kate Sorrells wearing safety glasses an operating a large drill
Creature Artist

2018 Fall

UNT alumna Kate Sorrells uses art degree to design playground equipment.

Cierra Caballero wearing sweatshirt that says eat people
Facing Fears

2018 Fall

UNT alumna Cierra Caballero reports on her love for horror for PopNerdTV.

Sarah Adams
Fun Ride

2018 Fall

UNT alumna Sarah Adams makes film out of experience in jury duty.

Werner Herzog and Caleb Spaw
Working with a Legend

2018 Fall

UNT alumnus Caleb Spaw learns from the best in film and TV.

Martin Godoy performing with a flute
Top Flutist

2018 Fall

Doctoral student Martin Godoy wins international competition.

Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn
Movie Music

2018 Fall

UNT alumni Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn see song in Spike Lee movie.

Amanda Ekery in a recording studio
Spreading Music

2018 Fall

UNT alumna Amanda Ekery sets out to bring more women in the jazz world.

Michelle Schusterman holding a snare drum and drumsticks
Novel Idea

2018 Fall

UNT alumna Michelle Schusterman draws on music background for her books.