From left, Sampath Pamidimukkala, A.K. Mago and Nishi Bhatia
Generous Donation

2021 Spring

In this challenging time, the UNT community's caring spirit has continued to shine brightly.

Rebekah Manon
Alum, Org Honored

2020 Fall

Alum named International Association of Emergency Managers Global 2020 Student of the Year.

Art can be a source of comfort -- and productivity -- during times of crisis.
Turning to Art Amid Turmoil

2020 Fall

UNT historian explains craft as a means for therapy and wellness, cultural heritage and activism.

Arun Devaraj
Early Career Research Award Win

2020 Fall

Arun Devaraj receives prestigious award from U.S. Department of Energy.

Srinivasan Srivilliputhur and Raj Banerjee
Research Team Receives $1M Grant

2020 Fall

The grant will be used to study how metal alloys function at the atomic level.

Silver nanoparticle
Testing for Toxicity

2020 Fall

Chemistry researchers at UNT have developed a test to more easily identify toxic silver ions.

Elyse Zavar
Early-Career Research Fellow

2020 Fall

Assistant professor in Emergency Management and Disaster Science was one of 20 fellows selected.

Misty Sailors and Jim Hoffman in in Mozambique
An Educational Study, Abroad

2020 Fall

Misty Sailors and Jim Hoffman develop "hybrid spaces" for learning in Mozambique.

Jojoba plant
A Blueprint that Bears Fruit

2020 Fall

Researchers from UNT and China develop the first complete DNA sequence for the jojoba tree genome.

Kelly Jacques
SMART Scholarship

2020 Fall

Grad student is recipient of 2020 recipient of major U.S. Department of Defense award.