Notable alumni featured in books by alumni

UNT alumni who’ve made names for themselves are featured in two recent books by alumni. Gayla Brooks Kokel (’69) co-wrote Oak Cliff (Arcadia Publishing), which tells the history of the Dallas community through more than 200 vintage and recent photographs. Included are some famous former North Texas students who were graduates of Oak Cliff’s Adamson High School: singers Michael Martin Murphey and Ray Wylie Hubbard and Grammy-winning opera tenor Hank Price (’69). UNT at Dallas also gets a mention.
In The Ticket Full Disclosure: The Completely True Story of the Marconi-winning Little Ticket, a.k.a., The Station That Got Your Mom to Say “Stay Hard” (BenBella Books), Scott Boyter (’93) covers the history and the personalities of the Dallas-Fort Worth sports radio station, which is celebrating 15 years on the air. George Dunham (’88) and Craig Miller (’88), who met as freshmen in West Hall, lead the station’s morning show.

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