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Sydney Cooper

emme fatale has many meanings -- from “attractive” to a “man-eater” -- but Anna Baringer’s (’18) Femme Fatale has a more wholesome and inspiring connotation, specifically for women in need of entrepreneurship assistance or general confidence-boosting and networking.

Inspired by author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Barringer wanted to follow his example but with a twist -- to solely help women in their endeavors. The psychology and communication and media studies alum named her global community and creative agency Femme Fatale to reflect how she interprets the real meaning of a “fatal woman.”

"Femme fatale is a woman that is killing it in every aspect of her life,” she says.

Anna Barringer is pictured standing in front of red flowers.
Anna Barringer ('18) is the founder of Femme Fatale, a global community and creative agency whose mission is to give women the resources and community to be their best selves.

The mission of Femme Fatale is to “give women the resources and community to be their best selves,” which Barringer advances by hosting events that emphasize community, inspiration and social orientation. Barringer actively pursues Femme Fatale’s mission by helping women with their entrepreneurial goals using creative branding tactics like designing logos, social media templates and websites.

Alongside fellow alum Ose Okogbo (’18), a contracted employee for Femme Fatale who handles web coding, the two are currently working on Ashley Michaelson PR’s Showroom for an upcoming fashion show in Los Angeles. During COVID-19, Barringer has seen her most productive season yet, with the company’s financial growth tripling as she’s helped brick-and-mortar stores establish a profitable online experience.

“The pandemic ramped up my business since people were forced to move online,” she says.

Another way Barringer pursues her company’s mission is by hosting events. Previous events included speakers such as Suzy Batiz (founder of Poo-Pourri), Brittany Madrid (founder of BZen TV), Ana Rhoden (wellness coach) and National Physique Competition bikini competitor Bethany Durst who taught women how to be confident. Barringer also hosts in-person social events like group fitness and photoshoots.

“Connecting with people is not just a one-on-one thing,” she says. “Bringing women together for different events with speakers is part of helping them be their best selves.”

While COVID-19 has paused travel and large in-person gatherings, that does not stop Barringer from thinking about Femme Fatale’s future events. She also continues to innovative ways to expand her services to her clients, like developing templates they can use on their websites, launching a podcast to connect with the community on a weekly basis, and hosting events outside in the spring.

Barringer’s advice for up-and-coming female entrepreneurs is to find role models and study everything they know and did. Her approach is listening to podcasts like The Gold Digger Podcast, Real AF with Andy Frisella, The Illuminated Woman, and, for fun, Crime Junkies, and surrounding herself with people who inspire her.

“It is imperative to find people who have gone before you,” she says. “Also have a good community of people who love you as a person, because the journey can be faced with a lot of uncertainty. Know where you want to go and what type of business you want, and be flexible with your plan and approach.”

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