‘The’ place

Thank you for remembering the Snake Pit (winter 2008)! It was loud and overcrowded, but it was “the” place to be on campus when I was a student at North Texas. You didn’t even have to like basketball to go there since it was the social center of campus.

It was “the” place to cruise for girls, and it is where I met my wife, Donna Williams (’72). She worked for a downtown vendor on the square.

Before and during the games and dances at the Pit, Donna sold 20-cent glass bottles of Coca-Cola and 10-cent bags of Mean Green Popcorn (colored with food dye that stained your fingers, lips, clothes and even the bleachers for days).

It also was “the” place where we pacifists gathered to protest the war and Nixon. Thanks again for the memories!

Dan “Danny” Smith (attended 1970-1972)
Long Beach, Calif.

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