What it takes to be a success

Anne Rice’s advice

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Rice says the world is crying for new writers with fresh ideas and original voices. The best thing budding writers can do is to keep writing, pushing through stops and starts, through writer’s block, through pain, discouragement and fear, and through the noise of critics, she says.
Rice offers these words of wisdom:

  • There are no rules.
  • Only writing makes a writer.
  • One should believe in oneself and follow one’s own instincts.
  • One should ignore critics. Critics are cheap.  

Mickey Jones’ tips to be a successful actor
Jones says that today it is harder to be a success in Hollywood than it has ever been.
His advice to actors is to work hard to be a success locally and stay in that market. He says the competition is far too great in Hollywood for most actors – even talented, hard-working actors – to make a living.
 “If you are working locally in the field you love, stay there and don’t come to L.A. because you will be a minnow among sharks,” Jones says. “I used to say to young kids, if you’re willing to put out time and effort, it will work. But don’t do it. I’m lucky that I make a decent living off it.”
Jones suggests the following for acting hopefuls:

  • Take drama classes and work at honing your craft. When the door of opportunity opens, you need to seize the opportunity. It may never open again.
  • Study every aspect of the craft of acting – that includes set building and makeup. And work on stage as much as you can, even in community theater.
  • Actors need to pursue acting as a business. Remember it is about the work – not about being famous or becoming a celebrity. Those are the wrong reasons to become an actor.

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