Proposed design center to expand program

Led by College of Visual Arts and Design Dean Robert Milnes, UNT communication design faculty members are creating plans for a proposed design research center in downtown Dallas.

Researchers in UNT's proposed center plan to focus on corporate, government and philanthropic efforts — solving problems for Dallas businesses, earning govern-ment grants to conduct research and helping nonprofit organizations come up with effective solutions. A rigorous review process will determine which projects should be pursued.

Once the projects are identified, interdisciplinary teams of faculty members and graduate students will explore solutions. So, for instance, if the researchers are charged with identifying ways to design anti-smoking material that will appeal to teenagers, a cultural anthropologist may be on the team to help determine how to grab the attention of that age group.

The core group of researchers for UNT's proposed design research center now consists of four faculty members from communication design, business and anthropology.

"Ultimately, the center would help forge relationships with businesses and government agencies and provide students with more opportunities to give back to the community," Milnes says.

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