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The naughty chef's favorite naughty ingredients

  • cream
  • butter
  • beer
  • bacon fat
  • love

The naughty chef's favorite naughty recipe

Chicken fried kobe steak. "It's a center-cut rib eye. We season it, we slather it, we batter it and we fry it and serve it with butter whipped mashed potatoes, braised mustard greens and red-eye gravy."

The naughty chef's favorite naughty cooking secret

Bacon fat. Whenever you make a little something, put a little bacon fat in there. If you can't use pork, use acid and salt. Using any kind of acid -- like wine or lemons -- and salt will always kind of make food dance on your tongue. It's a great trick that is easy and cheap and no one ever does it. That's what brings flavors out and makes them start dancing.

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