Lorraine C. Miller Q&A

Lorraine C. Miller
Washington, D.C.
What I’m reading:
Booker T. Washington by Raymond W. Smock and The Education of an American Dreamer by Peter G. Peterson
Superhero I’d most like to be:
My godmother, Hazel Harvey Peace, who dedicated her 108 years of life to education
Definition of success:
To be able to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see

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Memorable job offer:
The offer from Speaker Jim Wright came while he and I were eating. I was broke. I had 65 cents to my name, so I ordered a salad. Mr. Wright asked if that was all I wanted and I said I was dieting. When he commented that he was happy I would be coming to work with him, I almost choked on my lettuce.
People would be surprised to know:
I like classical music.
Music I listen to:
Mary J. Blige, Chopin, Diana Krall, India Arie
What I like most about living in D.C.:
Seeing the Capitol every day. It has a glow. It’s magical.
The four people I’d like most to invite to a dinner party:
Representative John Lewis, Colin Powell, Meryl Streep, Nelson Mandela
Average work day:
A minimum of 12 hours. If the House is in session and voting is going on, I may work until …5 a.m.

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