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Ghost story

’Fessor’s 100th

Down the Corridor


Ghost story

The fall’s the perfect time of year to add to our collection of haunting campus stories (click here for the Fall 2001 year's tale and here for the Winter 2001 follow-ups). This year's tale comes complete with photos.

Paranormal pictures

Not really any ghostly experience, but I recently found two pictures taken on the third floor of Curry Hall in 1995-96 during our marketing group meetings. These meetings were on the same day of the week at the same time when the building was usually mostly vacant.

There are strange smoky lines across the white wall and windows in the background of the pictures. These lines are often known as “ectoplasms” in the paranormal world. The two different pictures taken two different weeks show the same smoky lines, and in both pictures there is the same shape along the window. These lines were not on the wall in the room and there was nothing in the room that they could have reflected from.

Jennifer Britt (’96)

To view larger photos, click here.

photo of room in Curry Hall

photo of room in Curry Hall



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