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UNT Athletic Hall of Fame

photo of  the U N T football team
Homecoming 2002

Five North Texas athletes are being inducted into the UNT Athletic Hall of Fame at a breakfast Nov. 2 prior to the Homecoming football game against the University of Louisiana at Monroe. To read more about the inductees, click here. To check out the complete Homecoming schedule of events and this year’s new parade route, click here.




We would like

your input

photo of U N T cheerleaders

Were you a North Texas cheerleader?

For our upcoming story on cheerleading, wed like to know your fondest memories about being a North Texas cheerleader.

If you were a member of a North Texas cheerleading squad and would like to contribute to the story, click here.


photo of the old administration building Lasting Memory  

The piece about Annie Webb Blanton in the summer edition of The North Texan reminded me of a story Miss Bessie Shook used in her freshman English classes in the mid-1920s to illustrate a principle of punctuation, namely: A period is not required following a title.

According to the story, Miss Blanton took particular offense at the “NORTH TEXAS STATE NORMAL.” that graced the front of the old administration building (where the Auditorium Building now stands) and frequently cited it as a flagrant violation of principle.

When slanting props were used to support the aging wall, someone asked what the supports were for. The answer, supplied by the college wit, was: So Miss Blanton can get up there and take that period down.

Francis Stroup (’29)
DeKalb, Ill.

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