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    Ghost stories

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Down the corridor


The shirtless guy

I worked upstairs at the Health Center for two semesters in the women's clinic and had some creepy encounters.

Although I never saw anything, I did have the feeling on several occasions that someone was standing behind me while I was cleaning the exam rooms.

After having that feeling several times, I asked the RN I was working for if she ever had the same experience, and she kinda weirded out and told me it is believed that there is a ghost that haunts the Health Center. Several times over the years the campus police were called out in the night to reports of a young blond man seen wandering through the center after hours. He is wearing blue jeans and no shirt. They never find anyone there when they search the building.

I always wondered if there was a connection between the ghost and "The Student" statue that was unearthed during the renovations of Chilton Hall. I would be curious to know if the sightings stopped after the statue was unearthed.

T.H. ('90)


Brenda in Maple

There is also a ghost at Maple Hall. I was the R.A. on wing A200 for three semesters (fall '95, spring '96 and fall '96) and had several run-ins with the ghost. I believe her name is Brenda. We actually had newspaper clippings from her death that we would bring out around Halloween.

My first semester as an R.A., we were all busy preparing our wings before the residents moved in for the fall semester. I was up late one night completing the inventory and conditions of the rooms on my wing. As I completed each room I would turn out the light and shut the door. After I finished all rooms, I was sitting in the hallway making some posters for the wing. One of the phones started ringing in one of the rooms. This was a pretty normal occurrence. Usually I wouldn't answer the phones as the person was always looking for someone who used to live there. But this phone wouldn't stop ringing, so I started down the hall to try to figure out which room it was coming from.

As I approached the room, the door was open, the light was on! I knew I had turned off the light and shut the door to each room. What's more, as soon as I got to the room, the phone quit ringing. At that time I didn't know there was a ghost in Maple. But it freaked me out, so I ran down to the R.A. in A100 and told her what happened. She then informed me that there was a ghost on A200.

That could have been just pure coincidence, but then other things happened during the three semesters that I lived there. The last major thing that happened was the last semester I lived there. I had one room that was going to be empty. Before classes started, two of my residents came to my room to ask who their suitemates were. They said that they had gone next door and knocked several different times and that nobody was ever there and that they had taken their nametags off their door. I explained that they didn't have any suitemates, that the room was empty. They turned to each other and looked really scared and told me that couldn't be — that every morning someone took a shower in their shower before they did and that it must be their suitemates.

They went on to say that they heard the water running and when they went in afterward, the shower was in fact wet as if someone had just taken a shower. I didn't want to scare them by telling them about Brenda, so I told them that I would go get the master key and we would go into the room so I could show them that the room was empty. Of course, I was scared at what I might find! But I opened the door and it was empty. We ended up moving someone into the room the next day so the girls wouldn't be scared.

Jill Spencer ('96)


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