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changing the game

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Writer's note: Ex-player memories
Redin's achievements

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Trading Places
Changing the Game
The Sound of Healing
Overcoming the Jitters
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From Coach Redin's 1958 book The Queens Fly High, some comments on success and a few coaching suggestions:


Basketball is a series of situations. The team that is best prepared to meet the situations as they arise will win the important games. Preparedness may be defined as a combination of confidence, spirit and teamwork, plus actual offensive and defensive skill. Tradition, incentive and desire play an important part in preparing a team.

Some coaches seem to have a knack for always having their teams ready to play, while the rest of us worry about how the team will perform from game to game.

Tradition is a great equalizer. Each year we see teams rise to unexpected heights because of tradition and school spirit. ...

Nothing succeeds like success.

Suggestions for coaches
(just a few of Coach Redin's more than 60 suggestions):

  • Be honest with your players.
  • Save your timeouts until needed.
  • Discourage griping.
  • Teach courtesy and good manners.
  • Take your players to see better teams play.
  • Team poise and composure is a necessity.
  • Change the system rather than play a style that does not fit the personnel.
  • Teach girls to bounce back when adversity stares them in the face.
  • Do not over-coach.
  • It isn't what you tell them, it is what you get them to do.
  • Instill pride and desire.
  • Little things can make a great team.
  • A basketball game is a series of mistakes. The team making the fewest mistakes will be most likely to win.
  • Profit by your mistakes.
  • A little done well is better than a lot done poorly.

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