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UNT football fans

Lasting memory

From left, Casey Burke (’95), Holly Baber (’93, ’98 M.A.) and Geoff Nadeau (’94), along with photographer Becky Brown (’96), made the trek to the season-opening UNT-Nebraska game Sept. 4, 1993, in Lincoln. The four Eagle fans provided a spot of green in the Huskers’ sea of red.

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Whiz Kid
  [media mention]

One of UNT’s newest alumni, Laura Cullen (’00), is also one of its youngest. The December graduate earned her bachelor’s degree with a double major in English and history less than two weeks after turning 17. Cullen’s exceptional memory and ability to process information helped earn her a spot in UNT’s Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at 13, a few years younger than most. Cullen, who says she’s not quite comfortable with the “genius” label, appreciates her family’s approach. “My parents don’t consider me a brain,” she says. “To them, I’m just their daughter, and that’s nice.” She plans to go to graduate school and eventually teach at the secondary level. From the Dec. 7 Dallas Morning News

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