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changing the game

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Redin's achievements
Excerpt from The Queens Fly High

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Changing the Game
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Taking care of business

"Harley Redin ran the game like a business," says Lometa Odom, former Flying Queens player (1952-1956). A women's basketball coach in the Texas panhandle for 32 years, Odom knows firsthand what it takes to put together a winning combination. "Harley had a game plan. He knew the strength and weaknesses of each of his players. In conducting himself like a gentleman on the court, he also taught us how to conduct ourselves as ladies. We knew that when you lost control of your emotions, you could lose control of the game. Harley showed us how to 'take care of business.'"

"The most inspiring part of my career was getting to coach all of those good athletes," says Redin. "We had exceptionally good students and good citizens at Wayland Baptist. Having previously coached men's basketball, I learned that the women were a little more ambitious. They realized that they had the opportunity to play and they took advantage of it."

    Redin's team photos Redin's team photos  





Redin's team photos

The Flying Queens of Wayland Baptist College,
on postcards from Redin's coaching years.

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