Pep rally: A little rain couldn't keep the pep out of Scrappy's step

UNT DancersUNT's winged mascot danced through flocks of students at the Homecoming pep rally Tuesday in the University Union. Originally scheduled for outdoors in the Library Mall, the rally simply moved its perch inside.

UNT Dancers and Cheerleaders rocked to the music of the Green Brigade, while students, faculty and staff chowed down on free barbecue beef sandwiches.

"I'm excited about reaching out to a lot of the fans that don't necessarily get to come out to Homecoming and tailgating and see what it's all about. We're coming to them," says Ryan Chance, a 24-year-old senior from The Colony and a captain of the cheerleaders.

Kristina Coleman, a 21-year-old from Dallas and president of the Progressive Black Student Organization, attends every year and looks forward to hanging out with old friends.

But it was all new for Kristina Noland, a 20-year-old transfer student and junior from Tyler.

"I just like the hubbub," says Noland, showing off the free T-shirts and water bottle she got at the rally. "I'm a people person, so it's cool to see everyone and the excitement."

Nineteen-year-old Mary Collins, a freshman flutist in the band, says, "It's a lot more spirited than my old Homecoming at high school. Everybody is so into it."

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